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Cellma is the new UK CAA medical records system:

It will be available as a service via the CAA customer portal. This online system will replace all existing paper-based application forms and allow medical certificate holders to view their own medical records and track the progress of applications and referrals to the Authority.

Prior to the day of their medical, the applicant will have to have registered to use this portal, logged in, completed the online application (which replaces the old Med160 paper form) and paid a fee to the CAA.

The registration process can take up to 5 working days to process and applicants are advised to apply for a CAA customer portal account as soon as possible.

Information regarding the new medical system can be found on the CAA website:

Instructions on creating a CAA customer portal account can be found here:

To book your medical quickly please call us, call. 

You can call us directly during the following times.

Monday – Friday 09:00-17.00 – 01789 337515 or 07436926286

If your not sure about how to book your medical fill in the form below. if you have any questions or issues contact but please call us to book your appointments. 


PLEASE note if you would like a UK or EASA medical, thank you.

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