Prices and Payment options

To book an appointment online please click on the ‘BOOK AN APPOINTMENT’ tab.

If you wish to train to become a private pilot within the UK then you will need some form of medical examination to ensure that you are fit to fly. Depending on what licence you are aiming for determines what medical you need.

Please see the table below which lists all of the current medical examinations we can offer including prices.  We offer numerous methods of payment; one being PayPal, as shown below in the table.

You can also pay for your medical by cash, debit/credit card or cheque made out to Wallis Health Consultants Ltd.  Payment via the above options are to be made on the day of your medical, before you start the medical process, so please be prepared for this. Please note if you do choose PayPal as your method of payment this will also need to be paid before you attend your medical appointment.

Please remember if you pay for a medical via PayPal to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. (It is advised to telephone us on 01789 763030 option 5 to check the appointments available before PayPal payment to avoid any disappointment.)  You can book an appointment via our ‘Book an appointment’ page or contact numbers provided in the ‘Contact us’ tab of the website.  This will then generate a confirmation of your appointment.  If you do not receive confirmation we will not be able to undertake your medical.

Thank you.

LicenceMedical NeededCostPay for your examination now
CPLClass 1 with ECG, Audiogram and Lipid Profile (if needed)£ 175.00 – £ 200.00 inc VAT
PPLClass 2 with ECG & Audiogram (if needed)£ 150.00 inc VAT

Class 2 Aviation Medical

Private Pilot Licence Class 2 package


LAPLLight Aircraft Pilot Licence£ 150.00 inc VAT

LAPL Medical

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence package


Cabin CrewCabin Crew Medical£ 70.00 inc VAT 

Cabin Crew Medical

Cabin Crew Medical package


If you are unfit to fly the CAA need to be informed of this.  We offer this as a FREE service.

You will then have to be recertified, so that you can be classed as fit to fly again.  Please see the prices below:

Assessed as unfitFREE
Re-certification for fitness to fly£ 70.00 inc VAT

Recertification of Fitness to Fly

Recertification certificate to fly after being deemed as unfit


For 30 minutes£ 75.00 inc VAT
Over an HourDependent on workload

Casework will involve any information and guidance that you need on a clinical level, which Dr Wallis will only be able to deal with himself.

You can pay for your medical in cash, debit/credit card or cheque made out to Wallis Health Consultants Ltd.  Payment is to be made on the day of your medical, before you start the medical process.

We accept any of the following card payments:


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