EASA and UK Cabin Crew Medicals

We are happy to announce that we can now undertake EASA cabin crew medicals at Fit 2 Fly Medicals.

At Fit 2 Fly Medicals we can screen and assess cabin crews at all stages of their careers.

Here at Fit 2 Fly we can support cabin crews with specific pre-employment and also annual medical requirements due to the nature of their significant workload, which we take into consideration.

Operators need a system for arranging periodic medical assessments of cabin crews, to maintain a medical record for each crew member.  It must also be ensured that each crew member has passed a medical examination or assessment at the required intervals.

Dr A. J Wallis Aeromedical Examiner (AME) has experience in providing airlines with tailored services for their employees including flight and cabin crew.

We can provide periodic medicals for your cabin crew.  These medicals can be conducted as part of pre-commencement screening and can be repeated on an annual basis to ensure appropriate health standards are maintained for work in a safety critical environment.  To see the medial requirements for cabin crew please click on the link.

To obtain a cabin crew medical form to complete before you visit for your medical, please click on the following word document link: Cabin Crew Medical Form.  You must please complete this before you arrive to make the process as easy for you as possible and to avoid any kind of stress which may lead to increased blood pressure.

The Practical Medical:

The medical can always be a worry for so many new cabin crew, who are concerned about what to expect and what potentially they could fail the medical on.

Please see below for a short guide to the airline medical procedures for cabin crew.

Most airlines in the UK have a basic medical for all cabin crew and this relies on honesty, when filling in the medical form, which is always attached to your confirmation medical to complete before your medical. Cabin Crew have to be ‘fit to fly’ on a daily basis and limited sick days are allowed. However, if you go over the number of sick days allowed, inevitably you will be asked to leave as you are not fit to fly.  Please bear that in mind.

The UK Cabin Crew Medical as at the moment in time consists of:
– A medical form/declaration of health to fill in, this is the proforma that will be attached to your confirmation email and is also available on the link above.  You will need to declare any pre-existing conditions or medications used and illnesses/operations etc within the last 2 years. There are also general questions about your health which may include a family history and how much do you smoke or drink in a week.

– Your height and weight will be checked.

– You will have to provide a urine sample, so you can be tested for diabetes and drug/alcohol substances. Please be aware that during your flying career you may be tested at anytime for drugs or alcohol and if you fail the test, you may well lose your job – so just something to be aware of.

– Ears and hearing will be checked, along with your eyes and sight, the minimum vision has to be 6/9.

– You may have to show any birthmarks or scars and are mostly for identification purposes.

– Blood pressure will also be checked along with lung function (by blowing into a device) and heart rate.

– You may be asked to lift a heavy item, reach to a certain height or bend to a certain position. You have to be able to lift over 20 kg, to remove an over-wing exit too. The reach test is so that you are able to reach emergency equipment in the overhead lockers.

– Finally, you will be asked about immunisations you have.