UK Class 1 Medicals

Class 1: Commercial Pilots Licence

Dr Wallis has now had a seal of approval from the Civil Aviation Authority in order to carry out Class 1 aviation medicals.  These are for both Commercial pilots and for Private pilots licence.

We can undertake the Revalidation and Renewal of Class 1 medicals.

PLEASE note that if your Aircraft Operations Centre (AOC) is based in the UK then you will be able to fly into Europe with a UK Medical certificate.

Please note that we cannot undertake Class 1 INITIAL medicals as these need to be undertaken at an Aeromedical Centre (AMC).  Dr Wallis can then undertake any Class 1 re validation or renewal medicals as an Aeromedical Examiner (AME).

PLEASE complete the MED160 form located on the Cellma Portal before your medical, along with paper versions Epworth Sleepiness Scale and Patient Health Questionnaire, which can be found under the medicals tab: Class 2 PPL medicals.