Processes and requirements of a medical

To see what the medical entails, please click on the following word document link: Performing medical examinations and what it entails

To look at the processes and medical requirements involved for PPL and LAPL Medicals please click on the following word document link: Medical requirements for private medicals

To look at the new standards for LAPL Pilots please click on the following word document link: Standards for LAPL Pilots and please see the Brief guide for pilots

The following are the UK requirements for the medical certification of Cabin Crew.  To see the requirements for a cabin crew medical please follow the word document link: Cabin Crew Medical Report

What is needed:

In any medical you must provide Fit 2 Fly Medicals with a complete medical history, the results of any medical examinations and tests as required by the examiner. The examiner will complete the medical assessment based on the examinations and tests required for that certificate. The examiner may also ask you to undergo additional medical examinations or investigations if needed.

The validity period for a medical certificate will be determined by your age when you take the medical and calculated from the date of the examination in the case of issue and renewal. If you are applying for revalidation of a certificate, it will be calculated from the expiry date of the previous certificate. You can have your revalidation examination up to 45 days before your previous one expires.

If you have not had your revalidation exam in the 45 days before it expires, you will need a renewal examination.

If you hold a Class 1 or 2 medical certificate and it expired more than two years before, the examiner will need to assess your aeromedical record before carrying out the renewal examination. If it expired more than 5 years before, the process for initial issue will apply, though the fitness decision will be based on the revalidation requirements; in this circumstance Class 1 applicants will need to attend an Aeromedical Centre.

If you hold a LAPL medical certificate that has expired your examiner will assess your medical history and carry out the renewal examination as detailed in the medical assessment section.

Please note all information is cited from the Civil Aviation Authority website (CAA)

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