EASA and UK Class 2 PPL

Class 2: Private Pilots Licence

To obtain a Medical History Application Form known as a MED160 please find this on the Cellma Portal https://portal.caa.co.uk/.  This form is to be completed before you attend your medical.

If you are attending Fit 2 Fly Medicals for your initial first medical then you will also need a Ophthalmology Medical Form known as a MED162, this is also available to download from the homepage and needs to be complete before your medical and an eye test carried out by your optician.  Please also find a Letter to Optician to download and take along with you to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible.


Common Mistakes that are made on a MED160 Form:

  • Please make sure box 19 is complete
  • Please make sure box 20 has been completed
  • Please make sure box 27 has been completed
  • Make sure box 28 has been completed
  • On the MED160 make sure boxes 101-179 have been completed
  • If ‘yes’ has been entered in box 20, 28 or 101-179 make sure there is sufficient information given
  • In box 30 make sure there are remarks for each ‘yes’ indicated in 101-179
  • Make sure box 31 has all been completed, signed, dated.

Please note Cellma will not usually let you continue without all boxes being completed on your MED160.

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