UK Class 2 PPL

Class 2: Private Pilots Licence

To obtain a Medical History Application Form known as a MED160 please find this on the Cellma Portal  This form is to be completed before you attend your medical.

If you are attending Fit 2 Fly Medicals for your initial first medical then you will also need a Ophthalmology Medical Form known as a MED162, this is also available to download from the homepage and needs to be complete before your medical and an eye test carried out by your optician.  Please also find a Letter to Optician to download and take along with you to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible.

As part of your medical you will also need to fill out an Epworth Sleepiness Scale and a Patient Health Questionnaire, please click on the links to be taken to each PDF File.

Common Mistakes that are made on a MED160 Form:

  • Please make sure box 19 is complete
  • Please make sure box 20 has been completed
  • Please make sure box 27 has been completed
  • Make sure box 28 has been completed
  • On the MED160 make sure boxes 101-179 have been completed
  • If ‘yes’ has been entered in box 20, 28 or 101-179 make sure there is sufficient information given
  • In box 30 make sure there are remarks for each ‘yes’ indicated in 101-179
  • Make sure box 31 has all been completed, signed, dated.

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