Validation of Medicals

Private Pilots Licence Class 1 Medical:

Validity of certificate:
Under 60 – 12 months.
60 plus – 6 months.  Also if you are 40 or over and carry out single pilot commercial air transport operations carrying passengers

At initial then
Under 30 – 5 yearly
30-39 – 2 yearly
40-59 – annually
60 plus – 6 monthly

At initial then
Under 40 – 5 yearly
40 plus – 2 yearly

Lipid Profile:
At initial then age 40

Private Pilots Licence Class 2 Medical:

Validity of certificate:
If you are under 40 it is valid for 60 months
40-49 will be 24 months
50 plus will be 12 months

At first examination after age 40
50 plus – 2 yearly.

Initial instrument rating then
under 40 – 5 yearly
40 plus – 2 yearly

Light Aircraft Pilot Licence Medical:

Validity of certificate:
Until you reach the age of 40 years old your certificate will be valid for 60 months.

If you are over the age of 40 years old, it will be valid for 24 months.

If however, you are issued with a LAPL medical certificate before you turn 40, it will no longer be valid once you reach the age of 42 years.

You can also view the validity of medicals by clicking on the PDF link and taken from the CAA web site.

Cabin Crew Medical:

At intervals of no more than 60 months periodic medical assessments are required for all cabin crew.

Cabin crew periodic medical assessments carried out up to 45 days prior to the expiry date of the previous Medical Report will be valid for 60 months from that expiry date.

45 day rule

All medicals can be completed no more than 45 days before the medical certificate expires.  This will be classed as a revalidation.  If the medical is booked after your medical certificate expires it will be a renewal medical.

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